What kind of mother would you choose?

How many of us would choose a different mother, if we could?

You may find these questions unsettling. I mean no disrespect to mothers. I truly believe that we are all doing the very best we can to do the best we can with what we have. And mothers, I think, have the hardest job in the world…

The more I learn…

— It’s trying to save your life

Embracing Your Inner Viper

When a viper strikes… it’s sudden, vicious and absolute.

Most of us try so hard to suppress the viper at our core. Some of us swear we don’t have one. Some of us know we have a viciousness within but do all we can to wrestle it to the ground, subdue it, overpower it.

But it finds its way…

Focus on your income instead

In-come Is So Much More than Money…

I’m sure many of us have diaries and ‘To Do’ lists to plan and track our goal-driven outcomes. But what log do we make of our in-comes?

If you took inventory of your psychological/spiritual daily in-come, how would it look? If you’re like me, a short meditation burst, a little…

“True, Deep Creativity Doesn’t Emerge Despite the Deep Pause…

…It happens because of it.” (Kate Northrup)

For me, this week has been a bit of a pause week. I’ve yet to discover the creative gem emerging from it… At the moment, I’m just in the low-energy, low-productivity place.

For those of us so attuned to harsh self-criticism, you’ll know what I mean when I say that…

Loving the grot is a choice — it sure beats pushing against it

Talking to yourself can be a powerful strategy when you’re at a low ebb. Especially if your Self is one you’ve deliberately created…

I created Amelie, my Inner Champion, over a year ago and I’ve written to her almost every day since. She’s a gem. …

Letting go of our right to be righteous

When you are offended at any …[one’s] fault

turn to yourself and study your own failings.

Then you will forget your anger”

— Epictetus

One of my favourite stories from Christian scripture is Jesus’ response to the imminent stoning of a woman caught in adultery.

Surrounded by those who wished…

But it IS our responsibility

It’s not your fault. It’s not theirs, either.

It’s funny; we want to hear the first sentence. We’re not so keen on the second…

We can’t have one without the other.

Nobody wins the blame game.


But when someone else is in the wrong, the drama feels so good. So seductive are the positions we adopt, so righteous, so justified. We feel passionate and outraged; we’re fighting the good fight for sure.


Stop comparing yourself to others — go strut your stuff!

‘Nobody likes her very much’

—from “A Few Good Men”

That line always made me wince. It was what people said about me.

At least, I imagined it was.

I learnt early on that ‘Nobody likes a smart-ass’, but it was the only safe ground I knew. Teacher’s pet. Boring swot. Yup, that was me.

I craved the praise of teachers. But I knew it came at a…

Let’s change that.

Do you ‘Thank God (when) It’s Friday’? Deep discontent is a slow form of death, if you’re wishing your life away…

So many of us long for weekends and ache to veg out. A sense of discontent pervades… but that’s normal, right? Grass is greener and all that?

What would it take for us to love our lives to the full? There are lots of causes of discontent. …

Don’t let old storylines ruin your life.

Who is writing the screenplay of your life? Are they any good? Would you like to burn any really sucky scripts?

Talking with clients, and being inside my own human head, I’m stunned at the tenacity with which we cling to old storylines. We play them over and over and…

Amanda Maney

Helping you find your joy. Alignment coach - Enneagram author/trainer. www.amandamaney.com

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