What kind of mother would you choose?

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How many of us would choose a different mother, if we could?

— It’s trying to save your life

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Embracing Your Inner Viper

When a viper strikes… it’s sudden, vicious and absolute.

The power of the viper within…

Focus on your income instead

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In-come Is So Much More than Money…

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“True, Deep Creativity Doesn’t Emerge Despite the Deep Pause…

…It happens because of it.” (Kate Northrup)

Loving the grot is a choice — it sure beats pushing against it

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Letting go of our right to be righteous

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When you are offended at any …[one’s] fault

turn to yourself and study your own failings.

Then you will forget your anger”

— Epictetus

But it IS our responsibility

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It’s not your fault. It’s not theirs, either.

It’s funny; we want to hear the first sentence. We’re not so keen on the second…

We become what we rage against

Stop comparing yourself to others — go strut your stuff!

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‘Nobody likes her very much’

That line always made me wince. It was what people said about me.

Sibling rivalry — it’s a wonder anyone survives…

Let’s change that.

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Do you ‘Thank God (when) It’s Friday’? Deep discontent is a slow form of death, if you’re wishing your life away…

Don’t let old storylines ruin your life.

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Amanda Maney

Helping you find your joy. Alignment coach - Enneagram author/trainer. www.amandamaney.com

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